How it works

Register as Seller

Register on easily and enable online sales channel for your business.

Build Your Catalogue

Your account is activated on  list your products and build your catalogue easily.

Schools buy your Products

Schools can read product reviews, seller ratings, select products and purchase by making payment to the platform.

Seller Delivers the Products  notifies the seller with an email when an order is placed. Seller simply packs and delivers the products to schools.

Get notified for your orders

Register on notifies you with an email when an order is placed.
You may login to

Register on “Seller Dashboard” to process the order

Pack, Ship and Deliver the Order

Once you are notified about the new order, pack, ship and deliver the order to schools

Receive payments

Upon delivering order to the school, you can upload the proof of delivery to the we will seek the order confirmation from the school. Payment for your order is automatically deposited into your registered bank account after the deduction of the

Register on‘s fee within 5 business days.


What are the fees?

Once an order is successfully delivered, the following deductions are made from the order item value:

  • Platform fee/Commission fee: A percentage of an order item value, Platform fees some times vary based on vertical/sub-category
  • Collection fee: 3% of [School Super shoppy Selling Price + Shipping Charge to Buyer]
  • GST( applicable on all of the above components)

Example to show cost calculation

Here’s an easy example, which illustrates a sample above calculation:

Category Table & Chair
Product Price ₹ 1000
Platform / Commission Fee ₹ 0 (0% for all categories)
Collection Fee ₹ 30 (3% on all order time value)
Total Marketplace Fee ₹ 30
GST ₹ 5.4 (18% of total marketplace fee)
Total Deductions ₹ 35.4
Settlement Value ₹ 964.6 (Amount credited to you)


Increase Visibility

Increase your product visibility in School Sector

Save Costs

Enable alternative online channel and save sales cost

Faster Payments

Re-invests profits to generate more business without any delay. At you get your payments within 5 working days from the time you successfully delivery shipments to the school.

Genuine Customers

Unlimited Business Hours :

All the customers registered on, undergoes a registration & verification process which leads to Genuine customer database.

Genuine Orders

All the orders placed by schools are prepaid orders, thus this reduces the last minute delivery cancellation and Return to Origin percentage

Lowest Platform Fee / Commission has the lowest platform fee in the market which definitely no one else can offer.

Strictly No Compete

We give sellers the platform and support they need to sell to schools and grow their businesses. We focus on empowering our sellers, not compete with them.

Schoolsupershoppy Free Ads

Put your product in the spotlight and get guaranteed visibility Ads. Now advertise to grow your business.


Set aside your concerns about being skilled to sell online. Through our specially designed training program, you can master the art of selling online through and growing your business leaps and bounds. The training program covers various topics like cataloging, order fulfillment, and merchandising.


Any sellers willing to deliver their products to schools can start selling on is a business to school online sales platform. It facilitates the sale of products by local resellers to local schools. Eg: A furniture seller from Bengaluru can sell to schools in Bengaluru.

You can register on as seller with our easy to register process. Click on “Sell with us” and follow online instructions to complete the registration process.

You will require to share below documents to at the time of registration.

  • Address Proof
  • GST Certificate
  • Business PAN card
  • Cancelled Cheque

No, we do not charge for listing your products with us

Once the order is successfully delivered, you will receive the funds within 5 business days from the date of delivery into your verified bank account